Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27,2017 Email :D

Hello everybody!
This is an email written by a Sister Missionary who just pet a kangaroo!! WOOHOO!! life is so grand! I was also able to hold a sugar glider and some birds, pet some goats, an emu and this other creature called a capybara. Something. It's like a giant guinea pig. Like the size of an actual pig..idk! But it was amazing! I'll send pictures! Also, it's the first time I've worn jeans in...a century! And it was honestly really weird.

Did all you women have a chance to watch Women's Conference?!?!?!?!??! It was SO GOOD!!!! My favorite was definitely Sister Burton's talk on "certain women" WOW. SO powerful!! <3 It really inspired me to be a true disciple of Christ and partner with Him! And I just CANNOT WAIT for GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was preparing to teach a lesson on personal revelation for the bishop's family *deep breathes. No pressure* and had this awesome realization! The Lord reveals His truth, which is unchanging, to the prophet on the earth as revelation for the whole world. We listen to God's truth through that prophet and receive our own personal revelation for ourselves on how to apply the revelation the prophet received! REVELATION BABY!!! :D Joseph Smith said "This is the principle on which the government of heaven is conducted - by revelation adapted to the circumstances in which the children of the kingdom are placed." So good! I love it! So I have a challenge for all y'all!

For General Conference, prepare at least one question that you want God to answer, and write it down. Look for that answer through personal revelation during conference! I promise that as you do so, you will find your answer! A good resource for preparing for personal revelation is found in True to the Faith under "revelation." I love it! It gives us a list of things to do to prepare to receive personal revelation! :D :D 

Sorry my email is so short this week! I am having a hard time focusing and all...but I really want you all to know that I have a testimony that this church is true! I love being able to share this amazing message with everyone I meet! To strengthen their faith in the Savior and lift their moods! Sister Thueson, one of my amazing Sister Training Leaders, taught me a concept this week that has really stuck with me. Some days we have seemingly no success. We get doors slammed, we have appointments fall through, or we are overall just not getting to talk to anyone! But she said that Heavenly Father has His own area book of the entire world. (The big fat binder we keep all the records of all the people in the area in) Each day Heavenly Father goes through and makes a list of things He needs done for various people. This person needs to be smiled at, this person needs to just see the missionaries and wonder who they are, this person needs to be handed a Restoration pamphlet, etc. Each day as we get door after door closed on us or seemingly haven't done anything, Heavenly Father has a list of people with big fat check marks next to them because we had been doing the Lord's work. Our checklist may sometimes seem incomplete, but as long as we are keeping our will aligned with His, we will always accomplish the Lord's work. :) That really helped me this week, and I know it doesn't just apply to missionary work!

I love you all so much!! Have an amazing week and CONFERENCE WEEKEND!!! #BLESSED 
love, Sister Van Valkenburg

This is one of those weird giant guinea pig things...!
This is Juliet. :) Cuddly bird! So cute!
Feeding a kangaroo was never on my bucket list...but...holy cow it was so awesome!!! Highly recommended.

​This silly kangaroo was just chilling against the fence sitting like this, so I decided to keep her company for a bit! XD 

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