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March 6,2017 Email :D

Hey y'all!

I started saying y'all when I got here...and no, it's not a Canadian thing...nor does my companion from Texas say it. Soo...yeah. That's a thing. XD A lot of small things have happened this prepare for once again a collage of my week, not necessarily in order. XD 

I gave my first training this week in district meeting. I was so nervous! Last week when they asked me I was so confused because I am so new...and everyone in my district that I would be "training" is at least 8 months more experienced as a missionary...and the training was supposed to be on being prepared to teach and teaching when you find people. I was like....I have only been doing this for like what...3 weeks?! But I prayed and studied a lot and it went well! I started by pretending that I didn't prepare for it and was just going to wing it and try to follow the spirit. ( I figured I could pull it off because I am new and all, and it was sooo good! XD) I then emphasized the importance of studying and preparing to teach people when we find them, rather than hoping we can just know the criteria enough and go by the Holy Ghost. It was funny and apparently memorable. That's what I was going for! I'm grateful for the experience to study for and give that training because, just like any talk we give in church or lesson we teach, it taught me sooo much!

We had a cool experience this week. When we were saying our prayer to be led by spirit as we were getting out of the car the other day, the number 57 popped in my head. Not really knowing why or what it meant. We had plans to walk to two trailer parks when we got out of the we went to number 57 on the first one. Not interested. Huh. We went to number 57 at the second one and that person is a new potential! (we didn't get to teach a message, but we are welcome to come back another time to share one) I don't know what will happen with her in the future, but I know that my faith in following the promptings of the Spirit has been strengthened so much from that experience!

This last week we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders in our zone, which are also the YSA Sisters! So I got to go to Kelowna for 24 hours and street contact at bus stops and find YSA people! It got me out of my comfort zone for sure talking to random people on the street, because I am used to just knocking on doors in my area. It was such a cool experience and we were even able to find a new investigator for them! So cool! I was really able to see the Lord helping me have courage and guidance in many situations that day and watch how He leads us to people that are ready to be taught!

I have loved teaching these two sweet girls. (picture to be attached) We had a fun lesson this last week where we picked their favorite scripture story (Nephi getting the plates from Laban) and we read it out of the scriptures and acted it out. They loved it! I mean who wouldn't love watching Sister Thurber (Nephi) kill Laban?! (me) It was so fun and the girls really got to delve into the scriptures and find understanding! They are just 9 and 11 and know so much! They both accepted the invitation to be baptized yesterday. :) I love them so much!!

We had dinner at a sweet couple's RV trailer this week and they fed us so much food! I was so stuffed and then Sister Thurber asked for seconds. I was so impressed and then realized too late that the lady was dishing up seconds on my plate too! I, of course, had to eat it! It was so funny!

Conference talk I have LOVED this week and suggest y'all read: Stay By The Tree from May 2015 Ensign/April 2015 General Conference. Written by Kevin Pearson.MUST READ!! Love it so much! I read it after my whole Lehi's dream obsession and I was like :O THIS IS SO AMAZING! Sooo...yeah! Read it and love it if you wish :D

So we have been trying to think about ways to reach more people and help our investigators learn and progress. I have been feeling prompted to start a scripture study class a couple of times...and didn't said anything because I was like...I can't do that! But I finally gave in and brought it up with Sister Thurber. We talked about different approaches, brought it up in coordination and Ward Council...and Bishop announced it in church Sunday! of March 15th I will be leading a scripture study course with Sister Thurber to help people read and understand the Book of Mormon and apply it to their lives! I have faith that the Lord will really help me and Sister Thurber as we do this! I know it definitely wasn't my idea! We hope that it will allow many of our investigators who are slow and reading and comprehension or have social anxiety to relate and read! I know that the scriptures are such an amazing tool for all of us to use! We have them for a reason!! 

I know that this church is true and that we all have a Heavenly Father who loves us! He has given us everything!! We can trust Him with our whole lives! Because, well, He gave them to us!!! :D I love Him and am so grateful to serve Him every day!!

Love you all!!
Sister Van Valkenburg

Me having a conversation with a Canadian Goose. They are EVERYWHERE and are SO ANNOYING!!! :D But I love all of God's creations! ;) 
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We found a community library. You just take a book and leave a book. We didn't take anything...but guess what we left? ;) 
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The sweet girls I talked about!! LOVE THEM!!! 
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