Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15,2017 Email :D

Happy Mothers Day yesterday! 
Oh my goodness it was such a blessing to see my beautiful family! Just a little plug...sorry folks...I am just so grateful for all that they have taught me by word and action! I have noticed a lot out here that the qualities that I have that I have really come to value are things that I learned from my mom. I am so grateful for her! (And the rest of my family, of course! It was just Mother's Day so..ya know)

There was a quote I found this week from Quentin L Cook that says "Being sincerely Christlike is an even more important goal than being authentic." Wow! This hit home for me. It is so important to be representing Christ as best we can at every moment we can! Especially as a missionary because His name is on our chest...but also as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! When we are baptized we promise to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ. :) So being sincerely Christlike is a promise that we have made to God. A promise that we renew each week when we take the sacrament. (Such a blessing!) I am so grateful for this little reminder I found this week. :)

This week I was able to see so many miracles! It is such a blessing when you look to see the miracles in your life! I promise you, you will find them! Our teaching pool hasn't been...progressing...really well lately, so we were promised by a loving Sister Training Leader that if we cleanse our teaching pool and former a lot of people that aren't progressing (Basically just focus on them less and look for new opportunities to teach) that we would receive many blessings! So we did! And out of that came a couple miracles. :) Here is one of my favorites! 

We have a goal each day for how many Potentials we want to be blessed to find. A potential is someone who basically says they are interested in learning more, and have the "potential" to become an investigator. We had a goal the other day of 4. We were done knocking doors and finding for the day, and only had lessons to go to for the rest of the night and only had 2 potentials. As we were walking to an appointment, we were talking about how we only had about 5-10 minutes until our finding time for the day would be over and we wanted so badly to reach our goal! I felt prompted to knock on a specific door as we were walking. The door opened, and a lady answered who ended up becoming a potential! As we were writing down her information after, we sat down on a bus stop bench. As we stood up to go, a teenage girl and her boyfriend walked up to us. The girl was really shy, but blurted out "hi" and just stood there. We, slightly taken aback, introduced ourselves and our purpose as missionaries and asked if she would ever be interested in meetings with us. She just nodded her head yes. It was such a miracle! :D Just like that, we were able to meet our goal! I know that Heavenly Father wants to bless us if we just make ourselves worthy and ready to receive His miracles! It was such a cool experience to recognize Heavenly Father's hand in our lives! 

I am so grateful for the privilege I have of being here in the Canada Vancouver mission! I know that Heavenly Father needs me here, and I know that when we follows His will, we will always be where we need to be! Have such an amazing week everyone!

love, Sister Van Valkenburg

ps. I hit my 4 month mark on weird...:O

I finally ate poutine for the first time! It wasn't bad! This is a classic poutine with fries, gravy, and cheese curds. :D
Oh Sister Miller...if you can't tell what she is pointing at, it's deli ham. She didn't realize this until we got home at 9:00..but during lunch she had "put the ham away" in her suitcase! :O Oh dear. Hahaha thus is the life with Sister Miller! And yes, she has been here for almost 2 weeks and still isn't unpacked. XD
Beautiful view of good 'ol Okanagan lake!
We had a movie night last night and watched some of President Monson's On the Lord's Errand. We decided to pop some popcorn and Sister Miller put just a touch more kernels than needed. XD I have a lovely video of her trying to fix the situation! Haha love her!

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