Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8,2017 Email :D

Hello everyone! :D 

This week I was able to get my new companion, Sister Miller! She came from Whiterock as her last area, and is just SO full of energy and enthusiasm! She is constantly trying to be the best person she can be as a missionary, and relies fully on the Lord! I absolutely love it! I think she spends more time on her knees than anyone I've ever met, and I just adore her passion for the work! She genuinely loves everyone she meets and I aim to be just like that! We hit it off immediately, and were able to have a good first few days together! (And still going strong, of course!) Our comp name is we always have to combine our names into something for the heck of it..hahaha. Sister Thurber's name with mine was Van Thurberger or something like that. :) Fun times! You can't tell in the pictures that much...but Sister Miller looks a big liker Hermoine Granger...from Harry cracks me up! 

Our weeks activities have included starting a gratitude wall where we write blessings of the day on sticky notes and make a collage that we add to each day...I totally forgot to take a picture..but I will send one next week! It's awesome! We also tried to make brownies...but somewhere between gluten free and our oven...we made charcoal. Hahaha I promise I can bake! We also drew mustaches on our fingers for Cinco de Mayo and sang in Spanish a lot...hahaha you can't get away with a lot to celebrate as a missionary, but we put forth a good effort!

I had a really cool experience this week where we were able to role play with a member of the ward. When we asked for feedback on the role play, the lady told me that I had came across really fake. She knows me, and she realized that I was trying to be like Sister Miller, who is over the top bubbly, chatty and bold. I am more straightforward and quiet. She told me to not worry about being someone else, and to just be myself because only then can the Spirit be there! Only then can I be genuinely in tune. It was such an important lesson for me to re-learn. I know that we all need to just be ourselves! It's so simple...but it just really hit me hard this week. :) I am so grateful for the little experiences we all get to have each day to be able to become better. :D 

Sorry this email is so scattered! It's a good discription of my brain right now! 


Comp study on the beach!

Exhibit A and B of our brownie experience...

Sister Miller made me a sandwich. :D #wifeher #notyetthough #loveher
Me trying to be a photographer again

Have a fantastic week!

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