Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15,2017 Email :D

Okay. So once upon a time is was Monday, May 8. We were parked along the side of a drainage ditch and upon arriving at our car at 8:45after an appointment, we got in in preparation to drive home! I, the driver, put the car into drive and pull forward, parallel to the ditch and go to flip a U-turn to go back home.(there was a road just ahead of us to use to turn around) As I turn the car to the right, to make the turn, I feel a slight tip,and down we go into the ditch! I had missed the edge of the road by only about a foot, and because of the recent rain...there was a TON of mud, the dirt/mud gave way and we slid into the ditch! It was a gentle slide in...and only the front part went was shallow enough and such that the back left wheels were still on the road and such...but it was no bueno! We were stuck in the mud. Luckily, a good samaritan...whom we might have flagged down...had a chain and was able to pull us out! We were home after curfew muddy and tired...but safe! The plastic bumper cover is a tad bit dented in..but upon inspection from Boyd Auto and the mission vehicle manager, no maintenance is required and the only thing damaged is my pride! 

Poor car wasn't made for mudding....;)
battle wounds.

On another note...that honestly isn't related to this incident at all and was already planned...we got tiwis in our cars! Which are these little monitors that track our speed and have a built in GPS and way to test if we are going around curves or over bumps too hard....and then yell at you and send a text message to President Burt and the fleet coordinator. They are made by a company named inthinc...and I am honestly so grateful for them! I feel so much more accountable! And no, I haven't even had one warning or speed yell thingie! I'm doing good! hahaha I think the cool thing is that they have the logo of their company on the monitor thingie, and it looks like it says "Inthine" like in thine hands I know I am and I am in thine car and need to respect thine property...hahaha! It's so fun!

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