Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 24,2017 Email :D

Happy 24th of July!

Did I really not realize that it's the 24th of July until I read an email saying "Happy 24th of July!" ? ....maybe. To my credit, I'm in Canada! ;)

This week we got transfer calls! Sister Kim and I are both staying here in beautiful Vancouver! Woot woot!! I'm so excited for another 6 weeks with my sweet companion in this CRAZY fun city! We are going to see MIRACLES!!

This week was really fun with activities! We were able to attend a baptism, do a service project with the Relief Society making blankets, and then we finally had a fireside that us and the Elders in our ward cooked up! It was so good! :D :D Converts from our ward shared their conversion stories and we had a beautiful musical number with cream puffs and donut holes! The Spirit was so strong, and our Bishop said that he wants to make it a tradition every 2-3 months!! We were able to have investigators at each event, and I loved just sitting back and watch them just take it in! One of them, Christine, told me afterward when I asked how she felt that she just can't get enough of it! She said that it's something that she needs now. That she absolutely needs to partake of each week and every chance she gets! I'm so happy for her and I love watching her progress!!! :) I'm so grateful for the sweet people that Heavenly Father allows me to be with in this area!

A lot of other things happened this week, and I just love seeing the miracles every single day! One of the best things, at least to me, is that I was able to get to JACOB 5 in our reading!! Anyone who is reading with me and the mish read it this week too! ;) I've read the Book of Mormon several times, but this time I took the 3 days we were given to really dissect it! I wrote every part down and tried to just follow the timeline of the olive tree!! I LOVED IT!!! Highly recommended to everyone reading Jacob's so good! Heavenly Father just loves us so much and wants us to be NOURISHED by the good word of God!!! He knows our individual needs and He will make sure that we will get everything that we need to accomplish the things that He commands us to!

Sorry this week is kinda short...hope y'all have an amazing week! <3
Sister Van Valkenburg

Sister Kim is modeling my latest creation. Contrary to her beliefs, my apple/banana/bread pudding was a huge success! Hahaha
When you take your shoes and socks off to discover why your foot felt a bit hot and sensitive
during the day...dangit I bought these shoes like a month ago!!!
Previously mentioned has a hole all the way through...the other...perfectly fine!!! Riddle me that!
Now the important thing in this picture isn't me or Sister Kim's faces. It's the thing that she is holding in her hands. Have y'all discovered these yet? Or is it just a Canadian thing? Anywho. These little things are mesmerizing! Fidgit spinners I believe they're called.They're dumb, just hold it and spin it on your fingers...but this little spinner decided to play David and Goliath with me! I spun it, and the little white circle (the weight) flew out and hit me square In the face! Hahah I guess that made me David AND funny!

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