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June 12,2017 Email :D

Hey everyone!
I'm going to be completely honest....I don't remember a whole lot of the beginning of this week...and haven't had time to really get my thoughts together....hopefully if you get anything out of this email, it will be that I love missionary work and know that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing!! :D 

The beginning of this week, we were without our car. It was in the shop...because some Sister Missionary drove it into a ditch a couple weeks ago and it had a dent in it that they wanted to fix. I don't know who could have driven so recklessly....but I'm sure that it was just an accident on her part! ;) So yeah, because of my wonderful driving skills we were on foot. BUT we saw so many miracles!!! We were able to meet so many amazing people just on the street (And that's saying a lot because there aren't a lot of people on the streets here). One of the cool things that happened: we were waiting for our bus one day and sat down on the bench next to a man. When he turned his head, I realized that it was one of the former investigators of the Elders! He dropped completely off the grid about a month ago! We were able to have a mini lesson with him for about 20 minutes while we waited for the bus! Such a miracle!!

We had a really cool lesson with Bella and Roger this week on CPR. (Church Pray Read) and had a cool miracle. There is a lady in our ward that actually lives in Alberta, but is here for a week. Her name is Sister Young. She came up to us at church and said that she would love to come to lessons with us if we need her! So, we invited her to come to our lesson with Bella and Roger. She was perfect! Bella struggles with Fibromyalgia  and both kinds of Sleep-apnia. We learned during the lesson that Sister Young has the exact same health problems!  It was an amazing lesson with the spirit so strong....I love missionary work! I love Roger and Bella!

So the big news....This week is transfers, and I was called on Saturday! I was told that I will be transferring to Vancouver 1st! It's basically downtown Vancouver. I will also be training somebody fresh out of the MTC! Crazy! My gut reaction, on the call was to be scared. But as soon as the assistant told me where I was going and what I would be doing, that fear was pushed out by an overwhelming feeling of peace. I am honestly terrified. Vancouver is a big city with a lot of people, and I will be training. It's a big responsibility. But I know that Heavenly Father trusts me to do this. He has called me to go and I will go and do! Proverbs 3:5-6 (my favorite scripture) has never been more real to me. I am so grateful to be worthy of this calling and will do my best to fulfill it! 

I absolutely love West Kelowna! Saying goodbye to different ward members this week was really hard. I didn't realize how much I have really come to love all these people! One boy, who just barely turned 12, has me sign the back of this huge wooden sign he has in his room. A former missionary made it for him and signed the back with a message. I was the first sister to make the board! Woop woop! Really though, West Kelowna will always hold a very special place in my heart! 

Have an amazing week everyone! Know that Heavenly Father knows you and that he will send you (whether it be moving cities or down a different isle of the grocery store) exactly where you need to be! Just follow Him. :) I love the Gospel! I love this church! It is God's kingdowm on the earth!

Sister Van Valkenburg

Pictures...not sure what order they are in...but...
1:  My district!
2: We took a fun shadow picture
3: the dandelions here are HUGE!!!Displaying IMG_0187.JPGDisplaying IMG_0177.JPGDisplaying IMG_0178.JPG

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