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July 4,2017 Email :D

You know...I'm not even mad that my P-day was moved to July 4th...because I REALLY
get to celebrate a good 4th of July!! Haha these Canadians celebrated on the first....(Canada Day) I didn't have the heart to tell them that they got it wrong...;) Oh well! We had a wonderful Canada Day where the streets were PACKED!! Especially at City center...wowie! We were shoulder to shoulder! That was really fun street contacting! There were police everywhere to do the traffic! I had one hand on my bag, one on my companion, and was smiling and saying hi to everyone else! We were able to have so many good conversations with happy people!!

This week is going so good! My sweet companion's leg has gotten a bit worse...and the other day she woke up and it was BOTH her legs! We were finally able to get her into a doctor, and the verdict is that it is her body's reaction to stress! How sad! :( I'm so grateful we were able to get that resolved, though! I just have such a strong testimony that Heavenly Father puts us with people that will help us grow! I see so many ways every day that only I can help her, and so many lessons that we go through each day that only Sister Kim and this situation could teach me! We see miracles every day!! :D

With this whole experience of being a trainer in a new city, I have been learning and growing A LOT!!! I spent a bit of time to reflect this week on what I am going through, really took time to get down on my knees and talk it out with my Heavenly Father. The answer that I got is that I need to take some time for myself. I have been focusing SO MUCH on my companion and how to help her, that I have neglected myself a bit! The scripture Mosiah 4:27 came up in my studies the other day and I know it was for a reason!

27And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order ; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order. 

I am so grateful for the support system that we have in the church! I have really learned this week two things. Well, re-learned (because that's what you do in life and as a missionary! You learn and re-learn!) 1) Use the resources that you are given! They are there for a reason! Never be afraid to ask for help! It doesn't show weakness! (contrary to my natural thought process) and 2) Take some time for yourself. You need it!

One of my favorite people this week is a sweet investigator named Bernice. I don't know if I have mentioned her yet, but she is 89 years old and has more spunk and sass than I think I do! And for those who know me....yeah. She's sassy! ;) We go and help her with things once a week and we teach her a lesson once or twice a week. She is awesome! She doesn't' remember everything quite as well as she used she reads it over and over again! She absolutely LOVES the missionaries! And she talks every time we come about how she just feels the spirit and no matter what kind of a day she is having, she always feels better when we come! I don't know if she will ever be baptized, we hope so, but I'm so grateful that she is able to feel and recognize the spirit!!! :) That is SO IMPORTANT!!!!!! Her neighbor across the street came over one day when the Elders were helping her. We are teaching her now, too! She's awesome as well!

Another cool experience this week: I was on the bus talking to the people around me, and such when I heard the words "Aaronic Priesthood" behind me. And it wasn't Sister Kim! I turned my head slightly, and saw this young boy, age 14-ish talking to his friends about THE PRIESTHOOD! I didn't know who the guy was at the time...but I was instantly so proud! I listened in a bit as he explained to them what the Priesthood is and how he is able to have it! We got off at the same stop, going to a dinner appointment, and this young man, named David Johnson, introduced us to his friends! Not only that, but he walked us to our dinner appointment (we didn't know where to go) and explained to his friends who missionaries are and how excited he is to one day serve a mission! He is going to be an amazing missionary!!!

Man! There were so many miracles this week, all small but significant! Our teaching pool is growing, my Spirit is rising, and my smile gets bigger every day! I love serving my Heavenly Father! I love wearing the name of my Savior on my chest and being able to tell people every day who I am and who I represent! I pray to always live worthy to represent my Savior!!!

Keep smiling! Enjoy your week and know that a little missionary in Vancouver Canada loves you!!!

Sister Van Valkenburg
Canada Day picture! Isn't the city beautiful?
Just one picture of a park like 2 blocks from my house...blessed!
This is Brother Lee! Him and his wife (photographer) had us over for "real Korean food" for Sister Kim! I ate the whole thing with chopsticks! And, of course, we sat on the floor.
Cliché selfie, but red white and blue for my country! woot woot! Oh..and my tan lline is definitely not going away any time soon...XD

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